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Dear Brad,

My wife and I are extremley pleased with the installation of the sprinkler system. In fact, the rain sensor worked right away after the shower we received Thursday evening. Jim and all of your workers are to be commended on their professional attitude, attention to detail, and hard work. Jim's expert knowledge and experiences as an installer sold me on your company. The representatives I talked to from three other sprinkler system companies don't even come close. Jim's detailed estimate with explanations and brochures spelled out everything and gave me a feeling of confidence that the job would be done with quality materials and workmanship. The three day turnaround time was greatly appreciated and if the weather hadn't been 100 degrees plus, they probably would have been finished in 2 days!

We look forward to many years of service from our system and will not miss lugging around the water hose. Should you need any references, feel free to put us on your list of satisfied customers.

Ron Taylor

Dear Mr. Thomas,

Several months ago Jim Meade helped us with our sprinkler system. It's a hybrid that an earlier owner had installed himself. In the 13 years we have been here it has never functioned properly. Some of that is because we, or any of the sprinkler people who tried to help us, have never taken the time or had the smarts to get it working properly.

Jim came out, took the time to check each head, how it functioned within the total system, clearly explained it to us and this entire summer the system has been a jewel, instead of a headache. That's how you get lifetime customers!

We appreciate the work Jim did and his commitment to figuring it out and getting it done.

I presume you already know what a great asset he is to Sprinkler Systems and we just wanted to reinforce it.

Best Regards,
Larry Boone